Little Black Fairy Tales...

The illustrations were created using the unusual method of engraving into hand made layers of colourfully patterned plastering. The soil colours of the parched continent developed on their own…
Blaise Cendrars, a classic author of modern French literature, in his unique way tells the legends and stories of the oldest continent. We discover the rhythm of African songs, the swinging walk of women, the silent gait of wild animals, the singing of mice, the wind blowing over parched ground, the gaits of silly and cunning people, and last but not least, the sounds of laughing children. These children, who used to listen to these stories and who still listen to them.

The Little Black Fairy Tales for Courageous Children

illustrations/ text Blaise Cendrars/ foto Ondřej Přibyl/ graphic design Juraj Horváth/ 48 pages/ published by Baobab 2010/ 250 x 215 mm

The Little Black Fairy Tales for Courageous Children

photographies of engraved plates Ondřej Přibyl 2010 / 250 x 215 mm

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