Little Clare and 11 Grandmothers

Thomas, the grandfather of little Clare, is a chimney sweeper. One bad day, he falls from a roof and is bound to stay for a long time lying in the bed. Suddenly, little Clare has no place to live. This is the beginning of the funny journey full of hardships around households of various ladies, usually lonesome and elderly. They are the old friends, girlfriends and former sweethearts of Thomas. Focusing on the raders from the age 9, Olga Černá tells her new story, in the form of letters exchanged between little Clare and her grandfather. In this “first epistolary novel for children”, the author describes a diversity of human characters, various stories and hardships of contemporary urban life and diverse mishaps, which little Clare goes through. The book is available for purchase here.


illustration / written by Olga Černá / graphic design Juraj Horváth / 128 pages / published by Baobab 2015/ size 100 x 160 mm


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